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With a Power such as THIS...

How aware are you of the power and control grid? Do you understand the exposure, not only to the pressure of the programming pushing "Convenience" that we are being sold in exchange for "Compromising our Principles" but to the true dark side of technology and it's use to enslave. The Technology is neutral, it's use is in question! Question everything...

This is Part 5 of an eye opening docuseries that has a disturbingly dark intro but settles into an awakening of the mind to the realities of the world we actually live in, not the one 20 plus years ago we thought was the future.

This is a comment found regarding this final frontier:

"Controlling money, governments, banks, corporations, transportation, energy, medicine, industry etc. is not enough. They have all that already under their belts. The final frontier is the control of each and every human being. That means removal of personal freedoms, ability to think for ourselves and the ability to form opinions based on knowledge and evidence. They're not there yet but this latest pandemic hoax and the vaccines that followed have advanced that desire quite a bit. Will they achieve the ultimate aim? No. But our job is to save as many as we can whilst we defeat these monsters. Ultimately they will fail because we are spiritual creatures and can never ever be imprisoned in the way they want - not even on this earth plane. We have one job; minimise the casualties as we awaken even the most stupid and stubborn brainwashed individual so that by sheer numbers alone, we defeat the evil. I don't care who the head of the snake is and how much money they have - they will be defeated."

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