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What are you doing CANADA?..

Canada... you have Uncles, Daughters, Sons, Grand Parents, Mothers and Fathers who gave their lives for FREEDOM. So that we could live a good life.

We are disgracing their memories. Shame.. those of you who stand on the sidelines now watching as our way of life crumbles need to grow a pair. Come out of the shadows stand for the children. They are under attack.. educational indoctrination, medical manipulation, sexual grooming, digital enslavement and Trauma for life that most do not even understand or are willing to see.

WAKE from your stupor, see that Trudeau and all those who would throw us under the WEF and WHO NWO Bus do not care one bit about our human life or our peaceful loving existence on this planet.

Take back our FREEDOM, do NOT CONSENT to medical tyranny.

Take back our FREEDOM, do NOT CONSENT to digital enslavement.

Take back our FREEDOM, do NOT CONSENT to the destruction of FREEDOM.

This is up to each and everyone of us... this is that hill to die one. The time is now and you are being called to a higher principle,

DO NOT GIVE IN, DO NOT TRADE your Principles for Convenience.

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