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We must Wake Up... to the Truth.

With each new documentary into the chaos of covid the pain increases as the truth is revealed and the world awakens to the horror and the tyranny.

This Canadian focused record called TipToe To Tyranny centers around New Brunswick in Part one and the obvious manipulation of data and media for support of mandatory vaccination prior to covid. The play book is the same, the damage is real, the coercion, the lack of respect from the Minister of Education (Dominic Cardy who has since resigned) for the very children he is responsible for is dripping with venom. This documentary reaches into your heart. To understand the hypnosis that these people in power and those that are under the spell of this mechanistic ideology one must read the book The psychology of totalitarianism from world renowned Phycologist Dr. Mattias Desmet, anything less does not adequately explain the truth and provide understanding of this destructive period in world history. A time that is ripe for totalitarianism.

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