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We are under war..

The federal government is continuing to inch towards a dark future with their policies affecting farmers. From fertilizer restrictions to denying water rights, freedoms are being curtailed and no solutions are being offered.

The move is on to cripple us and disable our country, making it easier for land grabs. It is not lost on those who would enslave us that Canada is huge, mineral rich and the number one source of fresh water in the world. The government-imposed pressure of the high cost of living, high taxation, inflation and financial collapse that's on the horizon, the devaluation of fiat is near, the push of CBDC's and UBI to enslave and control is all being coordinated. The policies of the WEF and the traitorous Canadian government disciples that are recklessly implementing the 17 SDGs are selling out Canada. The time for Decentralized power is here. We must take back government, the time is now to Show up, Stand up and Speak up.

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