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Trudeau's in BC...again..

The BC NDP has yet to sign on to the Trudeau Regimes Coercion to Digital ID through Billions in Health Funding incentives. He is in BC again today, with our money in his pocket, sweetening the deal. Eby will take the money and will be selling our medical information to Trudeau his WEF & WHO masters who are hell bent on surrounding us with Digital Geo-Fences. You do know, don't you, where this is all going.... straight to a world-wide digital prison system where we are the inmates; tracked, traced, controlled in our 15-minute cities.

If you like eating bugs, being jabbed or else, gagged and censored, hate to drive or fly and only being able to have what your digital currency allows you to buy (as long as its not turned off) then you're gonna love Justins World.

We must resist, refuse to comply... this is for the sake of humanity especially your children's health and future world.

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