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The Democratic Party left her.. Trudeau has left us.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

JP Sears is far more than a brilliant comedian. His awareness of the political reality in the world is worth a listen. Will this impact Canada .. set a precedent .. liberals that have had enough exiting the sinking liberal ship?

JP Sears discusses why this is so significant. What used to be a party of that stood for inclusion and equality has descended into an extremist hot bed of manipulative authoritarian control. It is no different here in Canada, what used to be a Liberal Party is now a Dictatorship driving our country into wokism, digital control, financial ruin and the destruction of democracy.

The shift is on... change is coming. War is not the answer, Trudeau is supporting the evil war mongering regime changers in this world. A majority of Canadians no doubt understand that when NATO breaches an agreement with Russia by putting nukes on the Russian boarder it is untenable, as unpalatable as Russia placing nukes just south of Ottawa aimed at Washington DC. Would Americans stand for that?

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Oct 17, 2022

Where is the link to the JPSears interview?

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