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Rules for you but not for me...

In post-modern Canada, it’s both. Some communities have all the luck. Transition to Canadians of the light-skinned variety and presto– you are a homophobic bigot.

This not anti Muslim-Canadian post, this is an pro-choice post... something Trudeau needs to understand. Canadians do not need his lecture, his coercion, his ideology, his condescension... what we need is Truth, Honesty and Freedom.

The Trudeau regime has more than two faces. Morphing and adjusting to special interest groups to retain power, there is not question about it. The One Canadian with rights and freedoms equal and powerfully independent, does not exist in Trudeaus Canada. The melting pot that was once the envy of the world has become a Marxist woke special interest haven that the Canadians who built this country would bristle over if they only knew.

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