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Is the Press really Free to report?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Why are so many news agencies reporting the exact same stories with the exact same talking points? Delivered to them from the same news aggregators?

In these times of government coercion, pharmaceutical lies and media manipulation why is it so hard to get the Truth and why do main stream reporters not want to be real journalists? This Hot Topic deals with why, is it money? Is it fear of job loss or is it something much more sinister like a system of training to become easily judgemental and not think critically. We need the news to be a beacon of Truth and stand for Democracy not slide into the abyss of Mass Formation. Smithers and the Bulkley Valley are subject to the same media washing tactics as is the world. The interior news is not immune as evidenced by the Ben and Jerrys article recently about alt-right school board loading at a time when balance is desperately needed.

“The suppression of the Truth is only a driver for those who can't handle it, those who have something to hide. STN is going to help unpack this issue and expose those who are so afraid of it, those who go to great lengths to cover it up, twist it and hide in the Lies.”

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