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NCI.. Toronto.. view it here.

We write to you fresh off of a very successful three day hearing in Toronto that wrapped up on Saturday April 1st.

Thank you to those who tuned in and followed along. You can watch the recordings here.

NCI heard testimony from a variety of individuals in Toronto, which included former veteran journalist Rodney Palmer, who shared compelling examples suggesting mainstream media organizations are no longer engaged in news gathering, but rather in distributing government propaganda.

We also heard from vaccine injured Canadians who testified about the cruel and inhumane ways they have been treated by medical professionals and government institutions in seeking treatment for their vaccine injuries.

A former OPP investigator testified to the commission that the first duty of an investigator is to glean all perspectives of a matter, making the important point that absence of evidence is itself evidence.

We also heard from Mr. Dan Hartman, the grieving father behind the #Answers4Sean campaign, who shared his heart-breaking story regarding the sudden death of his 13- year-old son Sean who, like thousands of Canadian boys, loved hockey.

These are but some of the many stories of the 40+ witnesses who testified at the Toronto hearings, which are available to view on the NCI website.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for Canadians to hear these testimonies due to the content guidelines and policies of many of the popular video streaming websites. This past week, YouTube suspended our account for 7 days for sharing videos of the testimony of Canadians just like you.

As you know, the National Citizens Inquiry is a citizen-led and citizen funded initiative dedicated to completing an honest examination of our governments' responses to the Covid-19 crisis, and engaging as many Canadians as possible in the process.

Thanks to your generosity, our expenses for the initial Truro hearing in early March have now

been paid. However, now that our time in Toronto is complete, the bills for that hearing will begin to roll in this week.

We are reaching out today to ask if you will consider making a contribution in support of

this growing, highly-credible citizen-led search for honesty and accountability for all Canadians. NCI intends to hold hearings across Canada so that no voices are left behind, but we cannot do so without your help. You can donate here.

Thank you very much for your continued generous support, and for being part of this most important, history-making democratic exercise for our nation and our people.


David Ross FCPA FCA

NCI Treasurer

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