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National Citizens Inquiry goes Live !!

Watch it LIVE HERE Hear the Truth, be informed.

The National Citizens Inquiry is ready to launch! (Canadian)

History is about to be made in Truro, Nova Scotia. The first citizen-led, citizen funded, non-governmental Inquiry into Canada's unprecedented Federal, Provincial and Municipal government responses to COVID-19 is about to start. It's unique in the world! It's an opportunity for Canada to lead the world by examining the extraordinary impact of COVID-19 and recommending new pandemic approaches for the future.

Testimonies from experts and individuals will resonate across Canada starting at 9:00 AM ADT March 16 to 18 . In all time zones, people will be setting alarms clocks early to listen to the doctors and scientists provide their independent research on the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions. Individual Canadians will relate their heartfelt stories on how their lives and the lives of friends and families have been impacted over the past three years.

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