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Message Sent Smithers!!


After a long election day for the folks who bravely put their names and positions forward I have nothing but gratitude. I spent time Scrutineering and ensuring the final count was correct and audited. It seems clear to me that 45% of Smithers voters wanted a change of leadership and Murray Hawes stood tall representing those who are not satisfied.

The goal for now "Mayor" Atrill (with 55% of the vote) is to respect that Percentage of voters and listen to the message sent by taxpayers. Find a new way of dealing with issues and work with the new council to be open and transparent in a way that we have not seen so far. I for one will be holding the newly elected accountable as we move forward. We are a long way from shore and do not need any more holes in the boat. Here's hoping fiscal prudence and forethought will enter the chambers with the newly elected council.

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16 Okt 2022

why is “mayor” in quotes lol. she is the mayor.

16 Okt 2022
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Quotes are for emphasis, the role is an important position and one that carries the responsibility to represent the "whole" community. Wouldn't it be interesting if instead of first past the post we had a representation by percentage system. Perhaps Canada would not be in the pickle we now find ourselves in if that election promise had been kept. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and consider it. 😊


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