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Kidnapping a baby ... in the New World Order.

The inhumanity... how can we allow this to happen as individuals, as police... just doing my job is, as we all know, where it began so many decades ago. Don't think this can happen in Canada? Try it .. challenge Canadian Blood services and see. Will BC allow an independent Blood Bank to be sanctioned/established? Will Bill 36 allow Dix to step in and say No? In New Zealand Numerous unvaccinated citizens volunteered to donate their blood for the infant, but authorities denied the request and insisted the blood come from a sanctioned blood bank .

Consider that this is not just about one baby and blood. This is about the precedent, world wide, if one human in need asks for blood untainted from a donor that does not have Mrna issues from an injection, then where does it stop. Do Blood banks have to duplicate/manage /house and track all blood donations, segregate them. Ensure that they do it correctly or risk lawsuits? Are duplicate sanctioned blood banks set up for the purpose? Health ministries and governments will need to allot funding to deal with the need. Systems will have to be put in place to accomodate.

Imagine if you will a world where babies are taken from their mothers, where the state knows best and freedom is an illusion... We have entered the Marxist state controlled twilight zone.

Our rights are being trampled left and right... on the face of it, this story is about as evil as it gets. Remember you are free until that moment comes for you...

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