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Implants anyone?

This is not the future, this is our world now. The Walletmor Implant

As we know knowledge is power, giving all knowledge of our personal information to a digital agent is giving power to a potential abuser. How comfortable are you with the real intentions of the World Economic Forum and forms of government like Trudeau's regime? If your bank account can be frozen digitally, what about your access to food, health care, travel, communication, the use of a prosthetic limb and almost everything we need and do.

This brave new world offers the hope of help for those who need and could use the augmentation of AI assisted limbs etc., however, is the trade off to give away ones sovereignty, one's bodily autonomy, the very control over our personal freedom? Power in the wrong hands no matter how seductive the leap toward a better quality of life seems to always result in abuse. This is the merge of humanity with technology and everything we have been warned about. The dangers of a technologically augmented society?

The iCard app is a EU-based digital wallet which is your Digital ID enrolled through iCard’s Video Identification Process, which is then linkable with the Walletmor iBO implant.

The use of phone apps is the gateway to implants, once we are completely trackable, we are completely controllable. Humanity needs to think long and hard about the consequences of allowing this supposed convenience that will make ushering in a full totalitarian control grid possible. History is full of attempts to do just that and the digital world has enabled the final solution.

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