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Illegal, dangerous, criminal..

The use of rMrna Tech with UBC's lipid nano research and the way it has been implemented is so dangerous in the hands of the wrong people. This is exactly what has happened during Covid 19, (gene editing is not a vaccine) an untested and unleashed crisper technology on an unsuspecting public. We have been the testing ground with millions injured and killed world wide. Trudeau and his foundation are involved in this up to their collective neck, a full investigation must happen and when it does the Truth will come out. It will explain his mass purchasing of the genetic jab with taxpayer dollars that in turn line his own pockets, his donations of it to Gavi world wide and his zeal for it's use in our own country. How else did Trudeaus net worth rise by 400 million while holding a job worth 350th/yr for 7 years?

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