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How privacy was lost!

Did you know this Bill, C-27, passed first reading in Parliament? Where was the Opposition? Where was the media out cry? All Canadians need to understand what this new legislation will mean to our freedoms and privacy. The language soft peddles invasive AI and digital information control as "for your own safety", where have we heard that before?

Bill C - 27 HOUSE OF COMMONS OF CANADA June 16, 2022 First Reading

Bill C- 27 Tabled in the House November 4, 2022 Additional Information

We Canadian citizens are being attacked from all sides, make it your business to read this Bill, understand it and oppose it. Ways to do this, talking points addressing it and further clarification in the coming days. Until then find out.... ask your MP if they know and what do they think, where do they stand on this issue.

It is important to the future of our Country.


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