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Hitting the Streets..for the Children ! Sept 20th..

Regarless of your religion, politics, ethnicity, race, colour and so much more.... we are humanity. We love our children and they deserve the space to grow, the time to learn who they are without indoctrination and coersion, adult pressure that confuses. Growing into a fully functioning adult takes years, the maturity to really know who and what you are is not a decision that should be made for you by others. Stop the indoctrination, children need to learn how to think, not be told what to think. If you agree come out and support the millions, the silent majority that love their families enough to protect them and the innocence of youth from explotation and indoctrination.

September 20th. Kids leave school at 9am, parents and those that care will gather at 11am. From a designated location in local areas a march will take place to city halls, government building, school boards across the nation.

Be part of this display of solidarity,send a message to governments. Do not Comform.

Show up, Stand up, Speak up. Hands off the Kids.

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