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Hidden Green Agenda..

Climate Action Specialists... what are they really doing? Many hired just think it's a job.

Below is an opinion shared by a local Business Man in Smithers, it is an opinion shared by many Businesses and Employees through out Canada who have their eyes wide open.

We must wake up to the sinister Global reality of the Green Agenda.

"As many of us suspected, here it is!

Our government's have definitely been Infiltrated by the globalist billionaire elites and the WEF, right down to the municipal level. Here they are, pushing their fake climate crisis down our throats. The biggest hoax in global history; the forever war. Carefully designed to instill fear, lock us down, strip away our freedoms, steal our money, and transfer wealth from the middle class to the billionaire elites.

Note: Canada is responsible for 1.9% of global emissions. Meanwhile, China and India will continue to pump out nearly 40% between the two of them. They'll never change because their leaders are smart enough to realize it'll destroy them economically.

Common sense and critical thinking should be enough to indicate that we aren't in a crisis.

The town of Smithers is woke! This scam damages our business, economy, and our bank accounts."

Start with this primer from Rosa Kory, explains what Globalist want to do with AL, Land, Water, Plants, Animals(yues, you are an animal), minerals, construction and cites. If you are not alarmed, angered and moved to action now... well it may almost be too late.

Fully Understand what is really going on here (Straight True News).

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