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Healing Secrets

Dr. Zack Bush


Your microbiome – the vast array of symbiotic bacteria, fungi, and parasites living on and inside every organ of your body – enables you to thrive as a resilient, vibrant human being. But we are killing our microbiome, and in doing so, we are killing ourselves. In this free online class, you'll discover:

  • The fascinating story of how the microbiome developed

  • Why your health depends on maintaining a diverse microbiome

  • How pesticides and chemicals destroy the body’s biodiversity

  • The essential and often overlooked links between soil, food, and gut health

  • How your microbiome can help predict and prevent disease

  • What you can do today to nourish your microbiome and reconnect with nature

A damaged microbiome can lead to immune dysfunction, metabolic breakdown, and cancer. But at any point you have the ability to regrow these invisible gardens — across every vital organ system. This 45-minute master class will inspire and fuel you to get started. [LEARN MORE & SIGN UP FOR FREE] MEET YOUR TEACHER Zach Bush MD is a triple board-certified physician and internationally recognized educator on the intersection of the microbiome, human health and disease, and our food production systems.

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