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Gender Bending Awareness..

All Teachers need to hear and understand this! Parents need to demand "NO..I opt out of sex/health ed for my child". A "Trans Guide" or A "Coercion Coach".

Jennifer Bilek is an investigative journalist, a feminist and a leading voice really looking behind the curtain at who is pushing this TRANS AGENDA!

"In this interview we discuss one of the most controversial subjects of our time: the massive effort to promote transgenderism and to push "gender-affirming care" on children. Everyone has heard of the documentary "What is a Woman" but that film didn't dare ask: "Who is behind this?"

We located the most hard-hitting professional journalist digging into who is imposing this bizarre agenda on us. Jennifer Bilek is a lifelong feminist, alarmed by men who don the mask of womanhood and then demand that all of society affirm this "identity."

"Jennifer Bilek blows the whistle in her hard-hitting investigative pieces that can be found at We contacted her and got this in-depth interview that gets to the bottom of WHO IS BEHIND ALL THIS?"

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