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Top 3 Government and Media Mind Control Hacks

1. Repetition - 85% of all mind control is based on repetition. Repetitive messaging is very important to place a population under mind control. (prime examples of repetition-based mind control are the media/gov phrases a) vaccines are safe and effective b) vaccines don't cause Autism c) two weeks to flatten the curve d) the new normal etc etc)

2. Fear - fear lowers IQ and activates a non-thinking/reactive part of the mind complex, which is obsessed with receiving directions and commands from higher ups in the tribal hierarchy. Fear makes people more compliant and easier to manipulate. (examples of media/gov fear campaigns are a) be afraid of a killer pathogen that floats in the air that you can't see b) be afraid of the weather c) be afraid of meat d) be afraid of the sun e) be afraid of your own breath etc etc)

3. Confusion - a confused mind changes electrical function, placing more weight on getting direction from others. A confused mind instantly declares that it's unable to process reality logically or rationally and therefore outsources its decisions to third parties (examples of media/gov illusion confusion are......a) the virus will attack at 10:01 pm and not 9:59 b) the virus knows which way the arrows on the floor are pointing at the grocery store c) weed and liquor stores have to stay open during a health crisis yet gyms have to close d) the plexiglass at the grocery store protects you from an airborne pathogen that obviously can float around the plexiglass etc etc) Once you comply with anything that's confusing, you're weakened internally (on an energetic level) and are extremely prone to be more compliant to the next illogical command from authority.

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