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DOD or DO "Offence"... guilty!

Dr. Peter Breggin and Research & Development expert Sasha Latypova expose the consequences of the DoD's control over COVID—all in the service of our global masters.

(Reference doc - from the Lakaruppropet Conference, Jan 21, 2023 Stockholm)

If you have been paying attention lately you will note that a ground swell of information is coming out that is pointing the finger directly at the USA Department of Defence. Not only were they jabbing their own military personal, resulting in the weakening of the largest military in the world and setting the stage for a take over, it turns out they were managing and directing the covid mRna operation, knew the risks and did it anyway. From the very beginning the Big Pharma companies only produced models of the quote "vaccine", it was the DOD that side stepped any regulatory process and pushed the genocidal operation at full speed.

The legal defence team representing Pfizer, the alleged perpetrators of perhaps the largest premeditated mass murder and genocide in American and maybe even world history, and their United States Dept of Justice representative… representing THEM (Pfizer) uses the phrase:

“your Honour you have to dismiss this case. We did not fraud the American government, we delivered the fraud they ordered…”

If you missed this post, it will be well worth to arm yourself with information. Why... because they are coming again for you.

Marburg, Bird flu ... you can't imagine who is in charge of the WHO Science Department.

This is a case where if you see the same Morons gathering again pay attention. They may be Idiots but they are not without skills to usher in a NWO.

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