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Dix Doesn't listen... Why?

How insulting... to healthcare professionals, to democracy, to the citizens of British Columbia. In his own mind he must believe he is on the right path, however, when you ignore the elephant in the room.... you will be squeezed out of that room. The actions of Dix's, Farnsworth and Ebby are nothing short of manipulative and coercive. This must not stand.

Go to the Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine for information and opportunities in your community. TAKE ACTION ... advise your MLA and the Provincial Government of your concern about this railroad they have us on.

Be informed..don''t be fooled!

The story here is deep and twisted, follow the money and the interconnectivity, it will eventually take you where the truth lies. The Truth will be revealed but when and how many must suffer and die before something is done. Canada is suffering under the LIberal and NDP regimes.

.... as Michael Yon often says: " There are clear motivators behind the actions of those who abuse power: M.I.C.E. (a perfect acronymn) M = Money, I = Ideology, C = Coercsion, E = Ego.

We are being played, pawns in the game... time to take back our power.

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