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Digital Id Australia..

It appears the push to control through Digital ID in Australia is ramping up. Directors (those who sit on business boards) in Auz are apparently being asked to register, the worry is the go along get along and ignore thinking, that so many have adopted in the hope that it will end once they give in to the latest request, only results in the creep of tyranny and technocracy that may ultimately end in full digital surveillance. Keeping an eye on Australia is very important as it is one of the most locked down countries in the world.

The following comment posted recently from an unknow source in the US may be well worth considering as we see the methodical movement of the push toward one world government of the kind that sees humanity as a commodity to be controlled and herded.

The following is the opinion of one old man with very little left to lose in a country I no longer recognize:

I have spent the past two years listening to podcasters and commentators shame their audiences for trusting in some illusive 'PLAN' that those commentators are certain will never emerge. I've endured endless scorn at the hands of young conservative social and political critics for not being more involved in the fight. These chastisements are becoming more frequent as time goes along with little indication of victory on the horizon. And the frustration is not merely undeniable, but understandable as well. But as this new era of cyber crusaders broadcast their opinions from the comfort of their bedrooms, without regard for the fact that this fight has been going on since long before they were born, the hard fact that seems to escape them is that their own attempts to fight the good fight is admirable in it's zeal yet lacking the strategy to compete with the well financed communist machine steamrolling it's way across the nations. "Get Up! Get off your ass and do something. But whatever you do, don't do anything cause that's exactly what they want you to do!" "Trust the plan!" No "Don't trust the plan." "Don't listen to him; He's controlled opposition." The bottom line is that we have enough patriots in this country to occupy every square foot of D.C. We have enough ex military personnel to stand our ground against any force on earth. And this is OUR country! But it's time to stop apologizing for being here. It's time to stop asking the government's permission. We don't owe these criminals a dime in taxes or one ounce of our allegiance. The people in power have no legal right to be there. Yet they are moving forward with their agenda because they are part of a massive coordinated effort, and we are 200 million disjointed individuals flailing about - shouting opinions and never advancing. If you're waiting on some old guy like me to lead the charge you're about 30 years too late. But if someone out there can begin to coordinate a plan of strength, you may be surprised at how many will support it. But if criticism and finger pointing is all we have in our arsenal, you had all better hope there really is a PLAN, because we are fast approaching the day when it will be every man for himself. And that will be a sad day for America and the world.

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