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Deane's Corner

Welcome Deane Parkes !! Deane will be a contributing writer to STN sharing his wealth of Natural Health Information and his take on current and local issues.

Free Range Industry News provides information from and about the Health Industry.

In case you don’t know Deane, there really isn’t an aspect of the natural food business he missed in his 45-year career. Deane has been a retailer, a supplier, a distributor, a manufacturer, a sales rep, a broker, and an industry board member. With this kind of experience, it’s should come as no surprise that he is a longstanding natural health advocate and natural foods consumer, too. But most importantly Deane is a simple human being who believes in sharing tips that are practical, and easy to both understand and apply. In addition to Deane's opinion he is happy to pass along the respected wisdom of others, in the form of links and recommendations for further reading. STN is proud to partner with such a dynamic guy like Deane, this will be fun!

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