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Cultural Marxism, Western Marxism... Identity Politics.

Understand the roots and how it applies to us today. Woke is Marxism designed to conquer the West .. Say No to being a Global Citizen because there is no such thing.. The Trudeau Regime is trying to move us into a Sub-National State and global slavery.. DO NOT COMPLY.. decide what you can do to resist this takeover. History shows this type of experiment never ends well ....

"Woke, a culture war against Europe" this conference was organised by the "Identity and Democracy Foundation" and MEP Tom Vandendriessche at the European Parliament on the 30th of March 2023 full transcribed speech here

Contents --------------

00:00 The definition of Equity - woke is Maoism with western characteristics

02:10 Marxism is a genus of ideological thought, with many different species in this genus bound together by intersectionality, but the logic is Marxist

04:35 Society produces man = inversion of praxis

08:00 Take out class, put in race: CRT falls out of the hat

11:00 How's Queer Theory Marxist ?

14:03 Cultural Marxism appears (or Western Marxism)

16:25 Herbert Marcuse said the working class is no longer base of the revolution, abandons tje working class and focuses on race, sexuality and culture

19:00 They see themselves as nations, evolved to attack the west

21:03 'Being white is bad, being white is oppressive'

22:02 The European Cultural Revolution to destroy western civilisation from within

24:00 Woke is Marxism evolved to attack the West, Europe is at great risk

26:20 The Goal is to make us global citizens: 17 sustainable goals (SDG) of UN = slavery

28:00 I have come to name the enemy

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