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CSIS insiders worried enough to blow the whistle!

The Counter Signal Story - click the pic.

Food for thought, here are two additional sources for you to consider:

Some thing is does not smell right in all this. Trudeau's statements about his admiration for China, he and his fathers communist leanings, his first action as PM in 2015 ( his first foreign policy decision was to establish a Canada-China Free Trade agreement. In specious terms, the details were a gift to China on a silver platter. An ability for the Chinese government to buy up Canadian corporations. Their ability to remove Canadian workers, and replace them with Chinese nationals). His reckless drive to bankrupt Canada... so many things he has done to destroy our democracy ..why? Sewing division and hatred, creating segregation and discrimination.... does that sound like a western democratic leader to you, didn't think so and neither does the Smithers True News..

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