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Censorship ... Silenced

A very emotional video. May this song be a historical lesson and reminder of this tragic Medical Apartheid that we allow to continue...

I will forever be proud of all those who stood against all the lies told by government, the pharmaceutical companies and all those who valued profit above people, as they line their pockets.

Made me cry seeing my mom watch CNN and not listening to my pleas, buying into the fear porn and jabs that ended her life. I have compassion for all my friends who have lost family who paid the price with their lives.

Censorship: What troubles me most is the whole political aspect of this democracy destroying, in humane move toward totalitarianism and just how easy and quickly it happened. I wonder as I type this op-ed, how is it that I know so much about the science, the world view of power and control and can see so clearly the disregard for what made our country and democracy strong in the first place, while so many in positions of power do not.

Our elected officials. Where are they? Who are they really? How can those who say they only want to serve, turn on our country and its people? It seems the insulated environment of government is so replete with busy work and one-way feeds of censored information that few stick their heads above the trough to ask "Is what I am hearing true? Do I have all the facts I need to make this decision? If I vote with my party, am I hurting my constituents? Where do I find the Truth?". Representatives elected as a result of popularity contests does not serve our interests. Where are the leaders of substance and grit... we need them now.

Is it that they are all just too brain washed or afraid to care. I think of Taylor Bachrach, voting against the right to protest freely. Does he think he was elected to wage war against peaceful Canadian citizens who hold divergent views by voting in favor of the Emergencies Act? An Act that is now being dissected and exposed for what it truly was; Trudeaus impatience and cowardice in the face of a challenge to his dictatorial ways. Did Bachrach not see all those from Northern BC driving through the frigid winter weather, giving up income and friends to stand for what he obviously does not understand... "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms". Millions around the world understood what he does not. Blows my mind.

So we all must lift our heads above the water line and search for the truth in these times of censorship, pre-bunking, twisted truths and outright lies. Like it or not we are in WWW3, the “silent culling” of the population, the manipulation of the masses through mass formation, lulled into complacency in a world about to undergo the greatest and most difficult transformation in history. All of these seemly unrelated world events; climate change push, nitrogen reduction, famine, war, CBDC implementation, man made inflation, all this is inching us ever closer to a digital control matrix that will undo the freedoms hard won over past decades. Do we really want to wait and have to fight to get them back, the lessons of history should be our guide.

As has been said “we are building our own prison” … so put down the tools, stop building it and join awakened humanity. Choose love not hate, division and segregation; choose freedom of expression and get comfortable with the difference of opinions, use cash instead of tracking devices, question everything and if you want to support cancel culture, Cancel Censorship.

Our very survival depends on it.

Editor - STNews

Taylor Bachrach votes in favor of the Emergency act:

My emailed letter to Bachrach as a result of his vote: (I did not receive the courtesy of a reply)


This is a time you must reach deep into your soul, the vote you are about to make endangers each and every Canadian and opens the door wider to tyranny and abuse. As much as you want to play the political game and vote lock step at the request of your NDP leadership in a trade off for considerations with Trudeau and the liberals. It has become a bridge too far.

Even if you agree with the emergency act in principle, have you read the last page? Can you honestly vote into power an Act that has a clause allowing for an as yet undetermined undefined unbridled option to be used against Canadians at the governments discretion once they decide what it should say.

This act flys in the face of all freedom loving Canadian’s everywhere. As a member of your constituency, a three-term elected BC regional politician who took his oath very seriously, I implore you to vote “No” to this flawed, manipulative and unnecessary step, it is overreach by the Federal government and you need to consider very carefully where you stand on this.

Each vote is crucial but none have carried the weight of the vote you are about to cast; it will be a turning point, a point of conscience. You will live with your decision for a very long time.

Randy Murray

Smithers B.C

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Oct 29, 2022

So very well said and it is time to stand up against all this. We all need to stand up against this. To many of the wrong ppl are in power sadly and change will come. One way or the other. Cheers peeps.


Oct 28, 2022

Awesome article

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