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Canadians should be livid !!

Government out of control!! Spending like they are on shore leave? At a time in Canadian and world history when countries are needing fuel, food, economic stability, political freedom and wisdom to survive, we in Canada are watching this train wreck happen. (Trudeau leaves Billions on the table.. why.. )

Freeland puts 2 billion dollars into the budget to be assigned to her with the intent to invest it in a Green Company that does not exist with oversite that we are supposed to just believe will be there. she must think we are absolutely stupid. Our national debt, driven to heights never seen before by Trudeaus regime could be offset at least by the sale of fossil fuels in transition to a better cleaner world but that opportunity has been squandered by twisted climate alarmist thinking and the great green lie. Green is not sustainable in its present form and most of the green initiatives are powered by existing mining and energy from fossil fuels.

Our sick care system is a mess, our freedoms under assault, our education system in disarray, our economy melting down from covid missteps and we get this kind of response.... just spend, tap the Canadian cash cow until it dies. Taxes on top of taxes.

Freeland and Trudeau are so out of touch with reality it would make a great sitcom it if wasn't for the fact that their show is costing us our future. Freeland is breaking our bank and answers to Klaus at the WEF not Canadians and the useful idiot Jagmet Sighn and his ilk are making it possible. You should be Livid!

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