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Buckley defends Natural Health Products..and more..

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

In case you missed this Health Canada is attacking Natural Health...extremely important interview.... a replay of Special Guest, Shawn Buckley on the BC Rising Wed July 12, 2023 meeting, shares details on how federal Bill C-47 and the loss of natural health products and practitioners.

Below is the 2-page NHPPA Call to Action - We are losing our Natural Health Products document that Buckley mentioned during the interview. Bill C-47 details, further information and action materials (sample letters and action steps) can be accessed at NHPPA:

Additionally, BC's Bill 36 packet materials (cover letter, poster, postcards, flyer), both downloadable and media content) can be accessed at the Canadian Society for Science in Ethics & Medicine (CSSEM): BC's Bill 36 affects all medical and alternative integrative/natural health care professional’s ability to practice and how they practice. Bill 36 currently only affects health care professional's in British Columbia professionals, and all their patients, but this bill could happen across other provinces. These two provincial and federal bills have the potential to reduce and destroy Canada's and British Columbia's access to medical and Natural self-care services, and Natural Health Products.

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