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Bonnie Henry goes to court Dec 12 .. televised..

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Dr. Fuellmich talks with Kip Warner of Vancouver, British Columbia, about a pending class action lawsuit filed against the provincial health commissioner and the B.C. Crown challenging the "declaration of a state of emergency."

They also discuss the separation of powers, or lack thereof, their hopes for the Anglo-American legal system, and agree that the Covid crisis has taught the public important lessons in civics.

Get the details... visit these websites: Note: The broadcast will delayed each day once it starts. A message from the court house today indicated the following: Dec 12 - On morning break. Justice Crerar, took some time to explain what constitutes a Class Action and the certification process. He seems to be very aware of the public interest in this case.

Morning session spent on deciding on what platform the video would be broadcast on. Lots of conditions prohibiting rebroadcast, pictures etc. Court very serious about not breaching orders, anyone that does will be charged with criminal contempt. Moreover will make it more difficult in the future to make public these type of public interest proceedings if orders are not complied with.

Dec 12th - Dec 16th.

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