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Bill 36 .. Dixtator?

It appears that the Health Minister is trying to dodge a bullet by implementing a new Bill prior to the Spring Legal Hearings, trying to change the perceptions of his ugly motives by papering it over with Bill 36. Dix puffs out his chest attempting to hide his utter joy with himself and take credit for his own delusions but never once addresses the elephant in the room. "Fast tracking international health care hires while treating existing BC doctors and nurses with distain only because they stand for freedom of choice in a world of lies". The BC Government refuses to even look at the facts that support the very choice these professional have made. How utterly disgusting of him not to hire these deserving medical care employees back. This is not a person or a government that is trust worthy and should never be allowed to pass a Bill that gives him ultimate power over the Health Care professionals. If you disagree with Dix in the future you are done... fired... removed. Free speech.. bad, freedom of choice.. bad, do what you're told or else... good. How very oppressive and communistic of him.

Understanding the impact: Where does the Nurses Union stand after all turmoil of the past two years, how are they being represented and what Dix is doing to them? BC nurse, Corinne Mori lays it out well right here ..

Take Action - Sign the petition- read this letter:

Bill 36 - 2022 (for your reference)

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