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Big Brother..Bill C-27 ..frightening

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Shadow Davis and Kari Simpson dissect Bill C-27, this legislation is essentially the camera and the speaker in your prison cell or in other words the control over your every move in your 15 minute city cell (1984). This gives Government the power to control what you see and hear, punish you if you do not agree with their narrative and censor the truth for their own political ends resulting in our enslavement. Most people are not even aware that this legislation is in it's final stages of approval in Parliament and about to change our lives for the ever. Time is running out!!

Kari Simpson chair of Frontline Canada and the Canadian voters association is the guest on the " Shadow at Night" Show talking about Bill C-27. Canadians that want the Power to remain with THE PEOPLE can join the Canadian Voters Association (power in numbers).

How much farther must this overreach extend before Canadians realize life as we knew it will forever change if we do not band together and take a stand against this tyrannical and totalitarian globalist regime in Canada?

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