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Be Part of History..NCI needs you ..

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

The National Citizens Inquiry is moving ahead quickly. If you haven't already sign the petition showing your support for this initiative.. it's fast and it's easy..

Please consider being a "Witness"... have your say, tell your story:

Fill out an application today:

“Non-Expert” witnesses are any individual who believes they have been harmed directly or indirectly by any of the COVID-19 measures. You may consult the NCI’s research here to learn more about the kinds of “personal harms” Canadians have already identified. Examples include:

  • Disruption in the lives/education of children/students

  • Impaired mental health due to isolation

  • Business or job loss due to restrictions

  • Job loss due to vaccination mandates

  • Delayed or denied healthcare for non-COVID-19 matters

  • Adverse reaction(s) to COVID-19 vaccines

  • Reputational and/or professional discipline or censorship for expressing contrarian views

  • Restrictions of fundamental liberties, such as speech, association, or travel

EXPERT Witness Application Form Expert Witness Form “Expert” witnesses are individuals who give testimony based on their expertise, experience, and/or education in one or more specific fields relevant to the COVID-19 measures. Examples include:

  • Doctors & scientists (e.g., epidemiologist, pathologist)

  • Lawyers & public servants

  • Economists & professors

  • Journalists

  • Psychologists

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