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CDC V-Safe Data lawsuit win.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

ICAN, in the USA, fighting for the continued ability to decide what goes under our skin without discrimination, the last line of Civil Liberty. The full Story Here (The High Wire).

("mobile app is down, dashboard viewable from laptop only for now.)

ICAN’s lead lawyer, Aaron Siri, discusses the 2 lawsuits and months of litigation by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) that led to the release of health entry data from approximately 10 million users of the CDC’s v-safe app and how all the information has been made immediately available to the public on the ICAN website in a user-friendly dashboard.

“What value do your rights have if Health officials can determine what our Rights are?”

The High Wire creates a user-friendly dashboard for the world to use, without charge, that allows anyone to slice and dice the CDC V-Safe Data released by court order.

Why does this matter?

We know that unelected Health Officials here in Canada have been driving the political process and promoting the World Health Organizations agenda. There is a growing suspicion among Canadians that our Prime Minister does not have a grasp on the truth regarding the motivations of the WHO or the WEF, however, if he does then he is acting without being informed of all sides of the Covid issue and acting recklessly out of ignorance. The courts in Canada need to watch as this happens and act accordingly, those who are responsible for perpetrating this assault on our Rights and Freedoms will be held accountable. Tyranny never wins.

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