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The Final Lockdown.

In this wide ranging interview between Zee Media and Aman Jabbi, a 25 year silicone valley expert, a discussion and warning of the multiple threats from this digital panopticons implementation and the already active surveillance grid or the eyes of the internet.

We have left the world of innocent until proven guilty and now are bordering on if not already in the world of guilty until judged innocent. A zero trust society where corporations decide on your geo fencing and work to implement digital id's for profit.

Gone are the days when voting made a difference, no laws legislation or governments will stop this. Technocratic wealth manipulates and controls the fake governments that say they are leaders. Most people struggle to push back against the change to a digital slavery system hoping desperately to return to the debt slavery system they were comfortable with. The truth is neither represent freedom. With the A.I. tools that now exist, every click, every camera, every digital transaction feeds the A.I. beast with data.

Our world is so dangerously close to the novel 1984 where peace is war, love is hate, truth is (deception) lie. The image above shows very clearly the World Economic Forum and UN STG's where air quality is mobility restriction, water management is water restriction, traffic monitoring is mobility tracking and more.

It is an illusion to think that our data has not already been compiling in massive banks just waiting for the moment we are finally told that we now must comply, once we are told it will be too late, once we are told we will already be in permanent invisible chains.

Our only hope may very well be to stop feeding the beast with data. One wonders is there any hope, what can we do? I suggest think critically, do not just go about your day in a routine mindless trance. Move with awareness, consider what you see around you. Listen to what you hear deeply, does it resonate with truth and freedom? Ask the hard questions, who is responsible, who is funding this push and why?

Security and Privacy is the Trojan Horse; Inside is Digital ID.

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